Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Program: redevelopment of Badel site
Architect: Al. Shinolov, Val.Valchev, Hr.Kolev, Al.Bakardjiev, N.Atanasov
Client: Municipality of Zagreb
Year: 2012

Site Area: 25000 m2; Grоss Floor Area: 14590 m2; Bldg. Scale: Stories above Ground 3, Stores below Ground 1; Structure: cast concrete and steel; Materials: copper cladding, alu glazing; Max. Height: 13.80m;

Badel_Cam 1

   Badel site reconstruction has proved to offer too many possibilities for development. That is why the approach needs to follow a certain and completely radical direction of planning. This could not be the natural gradual way of urban forming but exactly the opposite. A solution is forming the whole block as a single piece subordinate by one general function and therefore a uniting form structure.
   The historical buildings in the very core of the site that need to be integrated in the whole concept point straight out the direction of further development. The cultural and symbolic meaning of combining past and contemporary stands in the base of the idea for a focus place uniting all kind of public events. A complex that serves entirely to educational, art and  other cultural purposes stands away from common business and commercial targets.
   The structure that should serve this idea should be both connected and distinguished with the surrounding urban elements. The space is formed by basic components. Cubes that are rotated in space, grouped together and then cut by certain planes- the street facade plane, or the plane defined by the height of the historical buildings which are part of the whole group. The sliced parts by the plane become glass screens or a base for connection between the cubes. They form clusters combined by their function and bind with the building in the block. The idea aims to form similar by influence inside and outside space.

Site-plan 2

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