DESIGNING IN TEHERAN / Competition / 1st prize

Location: Teheran, Iran
Program: Multifunctional building- commercial, office, residential
Architect: Aleksandar Shinolov, Yana Radeva
Client: Benetton Group
Year: 2009

Site Area: 1500 m2; Bldg. Area: 1200 m2; Grass Floor Area: 7125 m2; Blag. Scale: Stories above Ground 8, Stores below Ground 4; Structure: basement levels - concrete / upper ground levels- steel construction; Materials: alu +printed glazing, glass curtain wall + textile curtains, coloured alu cladding; Max. Height: 31.85 m; Parking Lots: 102 Cars;


   There are several main factors in our idea /conception/, that support each other and define the volumetric, functional and aesthetical solution of the building:
   -The urban area where the building will be located is typical of its rows of buildings that are different in height- starting from one, two floors and reaching to eight or ten floors. Benetton building is cumulative and interpretative image of all these various and contrasting buildings. It is not one monotonous, clumsy, complete and compact volume, but group of volumes. In this way dynamics, light, typical spaces and adequate participation in the environment will be achieved.

   -Creating a surface that covers the building and it’s inside facade approximately repeating the volume, which is already obtained. The structure of that surface is an interpretation of typical Persian motives. That is an attempt to achieve modern, original, peculiar and innovative image.
   -An opening and uncovering the building to the crossing /the urban and street space to rush into it/ and to the southerly exposure.
   -Choosing an appropriate constructive scheme /6m x 6m/, prompted by functional and formative conformity /necessity/.


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