SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF GADEOKDO / Competition / Honourable Mention

Location: Cheonga-Dong region, Gangseo-Gu, Busan Metropolitan City (The entire Gadeokdo), South Korea
Program: urbanisation of Gadeokdo island, development as a maritime tourism resort, business and trade center
Architect: Aleksandar Shinolov, Yana Radeva, Kang Seong-Hyeon, Kim Yong-Ah
Client: Busan Metropolitan City
Year: 2010

Site Area: 22518km2; Bldg. Area: 546400m2; Bldg. Scale: Stories above Ground 1-7, Stories below Ground 1; Max.Height: 29.00m;


■ Site Analysis
Gadeokdo's natural attraction is exposed to collsion of strong flows in wide network.
-new port & industrial district : flow of urban influence
-geoga big bridge & nearby tour-city : flow of tourist influence
-new airport : flow of global influence

■ Motive & Concept
Such as a cell with heathy DNA is generated to a healthy organic-body by thecell-division, each urban-cell is composed of various features by making the relation and making the coexistence, then, it will be propagated to organic urban-network by the cell division.

■ Internal feature of Urban-Cell
1. Cell composition by various green-area : courtyard type, center type, linear type
2. Building-combination by various function-facilities : residence, tourist, hotel,
convenience, public
3. Keeping the public on the G.L. by underground parking system

■ External feature of Urban-Cell
1. Streamline-transform by the terrain of nature
2. Open area of the roof-structure by the sun-light & ventilation
3. Roof-structure for the pedestrian path & extension of nature-flow
4. Multi-layerd green space between urban-cell and nature-environment

■ Process
1. Set-up of Axis related with bay & urban influence
2. Development-region related with flow & contents
3. Arrangement of cells related with degree of slope
4. Network of cells related with geographical feature
5. Insert of programs related with function of facilities
6. Generate of green space related with feature of urban-cell


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